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Data and Information

Data and Information

Industry insights

We provide tailored insights for a range of sectors to assist in business planning, feasibility studies, marketing and service delivery.

We do this by taking data from the ABS and a range of other sources, including a client’s own data, and analysing it to provide the answers to the questions our clients are considering.

We then present the results it in easy to use and understand ways, including interactive maps, info-graphics, tables and charts supported by written analysis where required. The data and information can also be further customised with additional layers in response to the specific needs of individual clients.


We help Australia’s private schools keep abreast of the changing demographics driving current and future enrollments and to better identify trends and opportunities.

The data delivered as part of our school’s insights includes:

  • Market share analysis by suburb and region and different school types
  • Private school area snapshot
  • Detailed community profile
  • Detailed schooling profiles (by gender)
  • Education spend analysis
  • A school’s analysed enrollment and waiting/enquiries data
  • Raw data for further analysis

The results are used to focus their marketing, prove and support long-term planning assumptions, plan and deploy dedicated transport services and create enrollment performance benchmarks.

Tourism, recreation and leisure

We work with councils, interest groups, private businesses and other consultants to analyse the potential demand and market share for a wide range of tourism, recreational and leisure facilities including swimming centres, sporting fields, golf courses, adventure parks, camping grounds, clubs, restaurants and entertainment.

We use a wide range of available data including visitor numbers and demographics to paint a picture of the likely demand and market catchment, which in turn helps to inform feasibility studies and service planning.

Aged care

We work with a range of aged care operators to assist them in planning for new aged care facilities, new services and redevelopments of existing facilities.

We research and analyse a number of different factors including demographic trends, changing lifestyle needs and preferences, the likely attitudes of surrounding neighbours, the media and political landscapes to help inform the business planning and investment decisions.

Some recent relevant projects we’ve worked on include:

  • Market share analysis for a private girls’ school in Sydney that was seeking to better understand its market share from surrounding and extended catchments. We analysed the demographics of current enrollments and of the surrounding areas to identify market share using a mix of interactive maps, tables, and info-graphics to convey the findings.
  • Transport analysis for a private girls’ school in Brisbane that was seeking information to inform its transport planning. We analysed the public and private transport networks to establish the demographic profile of families living around the transport lines and whether they were prospective clients for private school education.
  • Analysis of a new swimming centre for the Australian National University in Canberra. We analysed the potential users of a new centre within 10 to 15 minutes’ drive time. The results of the analysis were used as part of the project feasibility assessment and in the planning for the services mix in the new centre.
  • Analysis of a proposed new aged care facility in the Waverley local government area of Sydney for Anglicare. We analysed the potential demand for the new facility by analysing the demographics of the area and surrounds, current and future trends in the population and in the aged care sector and existing facilities in the area and surrounds to inform the feasibility assessment.

Social impact assessment

Social impact assessment is an important part of planning and decision making processes as it identifies and assesses the likely positive and negative social consequences of proposals for change including proposed developments, policies, plans and planning instruments, before decisions are made.

We prepare social impact assessments for a range of proposals including where a significant change of land use is proposed and for developments including retail, residential, sports or social infrastructure proposals.

Some of the projects we’ve worked on include:

  • A Social Impact Assessment for the Collins Group on the Cobbitty planning proposal in the Camden local government area of south western Sydney. The assessment examined the demographics of the local and surrounding area including trends, qualifications, occupation, dwelling types and rates of car ownership, existing land uses and future population projections. It also examined biodiversity, major features of the area and existing and planned community facilities and provided an overview of the policy framework for the area.


We offer mapping services for a wide range of different businesses interested in:

  • Salesforce and franchise territories
  • Business locations
  • Competitor locations
  • New market identification and analysis
  • Traffic flow analysis
  • Transport route demographic mapping

Some recent relevant projects we’ve worked on include:

  • Location analysis for a leading national pharmacy chain wanting to prioritise new location expansion opportunities across NSW. The solution involves multi-factor location analysis as well competitor identification and mapping.
  • Radial analysis around an established RSL club to identify addresses and locations within a five and 10 kilometer radius for the purpose of potential member identification.