Research & Data

Namoi project female farmerWe undertake a range of research projects for clients using a wide range of different data sources including Census data, other data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics, CURF micro data and our own database of Australian businesses.

We have also undertaken major qualitative and quantitative research projects working in partnership with leading market research companies.

Our research and data projects have been used to inform economic development and land use strategies, government policy formulation and business sterategies and marketing plans.

Essential Data for Schools

Our schools data assists schools anywhere in Australia to identify and inform issues and future initiatives in enrolment strategies, marketing priorities and community engagement.

We use existing enrolment patterns and compare them against relevant demographic elements of 2001, 2006 and 2011 Census data to identify the shifting demographics of an area and the impacts it will have on your school.

The data delivered includes the private school area snapshot, a detailed community profile, detailed schooling profiles, education spend analysis, analysis of a school’s enrolment data and raw data for further analysis.

Helping government and business to stimulate and grow local economies

Bugseye has partnered with Strategic Economic Solutions to offer an economic gardening solution to help governments and businesses to stimulate local economies and implement growth strategies.

Economic gardening is based on the concept that most new jobs in any local economy are produced by small, local businesses so it seeks to grow the local economy from within. It is the local entrepreneurs who create the companies that bring new wealth and economic growth to a region.

Economic gardening programs support participating businesses by providing a range of practical tools for growth. The analysis is tailored for each business and location and includes local area demand for goods and services, current suppliers and supply chain of those goods and services and a gap analysis to identify opportunities for growth.

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