Resilience Study for the Namoi Water Catchment Authority

Resilience Study for the Namoi Water Catchment Authority

This was a joint venture project between Bugseye and a range of other specialist consultants including economists, tertiary institutions and local government, in which we investigated the resilience of communities in the Catchment area to changes in water supply caused by climate change or just natural fluctuations.

The study looked at the communities’ capacity to adapt and survive a major shock to the status quo. This involved significant community and stakeholder communications to inform and formulate the factors that build resilience.

Bugseye’s role was to build a resilience model based on range of factors including education, reliance on agriculture, Socio-Economic Indexes for Areas (SEIFA) and the demographic and ethnic composition of the communities. The model built a mathematical index of resilience that could be applied to individual towns.

The model showed significant variation between large and small towns and where they were situated in the region.

The results formed the basis for strategic long-term thinking about the changes needed to create or maintain resilience and what could be done at a local level to achieve this. They also formed the basis for further community information and consultation sessions.