Writing a Business Plan with Pinpoint

Writing a business plan

Pinpoint is an online tool providing Australian based small to medium sized businesses with data and information on the customer demand for any product or service to help inform decisions about a business location or while writing a business plan.

Businesses make decisions about a location when they’re buying, starting or expanding a business. These important decisions are often made without the clear, reliable and independent evidence to back them up.

For as little as $245, an interactive dashboard delivers critical insights including the dollar value market size for all major goods and services with demographic information, competitors and industry profiles.

Users build and order their dashboards by selecting the products and services and locations they are interested in from a basket of more than 500 products and services and all areas in Australia down to postcode, suburb or local government level. Reports are delivered immediately.

Pinpoint can help you with writing your business plan by answering critical questions including:

  • What’s the value of the market for products/services my business offers in an area?
  • How many local consumers are there and how much do they spend on specific products and services?
  • Who and where are my customers and how many people work in my area?
  • Who and where are my competitors?
  • What are the industry benchmarks for my type of business in any area of Australia?

For more details, visit the Pinpoint website.