Bugseye What’s New

New tools to inform projects from the outset

Sometimes a client needs to know some basic facts and figures to inform their project planning before they get into the nuts and bolts of preparing communications and engagement strategies and plans.

That’s how Bugseye can assist by offering our environmental scanning and stakeholder analysis services for planning, development and infrastructure project planning. For as little as $2500, we can prepare an environmental scan fact book and stakeholder analysis for any project or issue within Australia to provide context and to help our client to understand relevant issues and stakeholders.

Information typically includes demographic snapshots of the local residential and worker population of an area, profiles of local businesses, community groups and traditional and social media outlets, a profile of the local council, elected members and elected representatives and their interests. We also customise this to include additional information tailored to the requirements of the client and their project.

Helping to deliver quality outcomes in the built environment

Bugseye has been appointed to the NSW Government Architect’s Strategy and Design Excellence Prequalification Scheme, which is focused on the delivery of strategic planning advice and design excellence, quality and innovation in the built environment.

We have been appointed for our stakeholder engagement and management services under the strategy component of the Scheme.

The Scheme offers a pool of prequalified service providers to assist NSW Government agencies and statutory corporations in engaging external expertise to assist in delivering quality outcomes in the built environment.

Further details are available here.



Greater Sydney Commission appointments

The NSW Government has made a series of appointments to the Greater Sydney Commission, a new planning body which will be responsible for metropolitan planning in a partnership between State and local government.

Lucy Turnbull has been appinted as Chief Commissioner and will report to the Minister for Planning. Heather Nesbitt has been appointed as Social Commissioner, Rod Simpson as the Environment Commissioner and Geoff Roberts as the Economic Commissioner. The Commission will also comprise six District Commissioners, nominated by Sydney councils to advocate their needs.

Sarah Hill has been appointed as the Chief Executive and brings a wealth of experience in urban planning and property economics.

The Commission has been designed to work in partnership with the community to better coordinate planning in Sydney. It will be charged with developing and implementing district plans, determining regionally significant development applications and will act as the decision maker on rezoning proposals currently undertaken by the Minister. For details, visit the Greater Sydney Commission web page.

New added value features for schools solution

Over the last 12 months we have added some new valuable features to our Pinpoint for Schools product for private schools across Australia to help them to better understand what is happening in their enrolment catchments and to better identify trends and opportunities.

Some of the additional value-adds include:

Drive time analysis – we create different drive times (i.e. 10, 20 or 30 minutes) and then put a school’s students into these drive times to see what enrolment patterns look like. We can then match this back to the demographic profiles for the different drive times

Launch files – these are an easy to use feature to help a school to share electronic maps quickly and easily with anyone with a browser/internet access

Technical enhancements and cloud based map servers – these have been designed to speed up map load and reliability

Market share and analysis – to help answer questions about market share and where the catchment overlaps with a school’s nearest competitors

Population projections – for local government areas for the next 10 years and beyond.