Our Partners

We work with a number of alliance partners to deliver the Australian Business Atlas and research and stakeholder consultation services, to increase our capacity to work on major projects and to bring in specialist skills when needed. Our alliance partners include:


Contentis fills the need created by the explosion of digital media; a continuous need for thoughtful, engaging, inspiring and motivating content for our clients. Who’s telling your story?


Integeo is Bugseye’s mapping development partner and has delivered the Map Intelligence component of the Australian Business Atlas.

Strategic Economic Solutions

Strategic Economic Solutions provides services to a broad range of clients wanting to understand the economic issues affecting their communities and develop practical responses. The company specialises in local economic development and small business.

Black Ant and Associates

Black Ant is a graphic design agency that provides design and production services. Bugseye has teamed with Black Ant on wide range of projects dating back to 2003. Recent projects have included the design and production of reports for the City of Sydney (Connecting our City: Integrated Transport and Land Use Plan), Transport for NSW (Barangaroo Integrated Transport Plan) and Department of Premier and Cabinet (Jenolan Caves).